Why I Left My Freelance Role to Become Permanent

First a little history about me, early 2013 saw myself take a big jump into the freelance world and leave the stability of my agency role. For the past 14 months I have had a very successful entry into the world of freelancing, I took the approach of mainly contracting throughout the period, which in London can be very prosperous.

I wanted to write a little article on the reasons why I left my freelance role to join RefME as a permanent member of staff.

Personal ambitions of mine

One of my main ambitions throughout my career was to create or be a part of a startup creating a product that thousands / millions of people will use as part of their daily life.

It’s a product I believe in

RefME was the first product that came through my inbox in the past 5 years that I can honestly say I believed in from the initial description that was sent to me.

It was something I could instantly relate to and see the benefit of using as a student and solves a problem that I personally found a nightmare in my time at university.

Also, a significant selling point for me was the growth of the product in a short amount of time. Verifying my own beliefs with actual user growth with people using the product worldwide.

Being part of a team

In the freelance work I was doing, although I was very much a part of a team and in quite a few instances I was advising technology to use and processes to put in place. I never once felt as if I was a full part of a team, it always did feel a little like I was the most expendable member of the team. Now this wasn’t necessarily down to the companies I worked at but more to do with my own mind. As a contractor being generally employed on 3-6 month contracts, you know you are a temporary resource.

This was a massive positive for moving back to a permanent position as I could be a part of a team with a global vision. Not only that, but I could have a massive input on where the product will go in the future which for me is a huge positive. The roadmap here at RefME is looking amazing and we are very excited to bring these to you.

Money isn’t everything

One of the huge positives of working freelance, especially in the contract market here in London is that it can be very well paid. That being said, job satisfaction does not come from dollar bills, it comes from an interesting role that pushes your skills and techniques to a new level. No amount of money will make you wake up in the morning excited about your day ahead, this was a big factor for me moving permanent here at RefME. The work excites me from both a visual and code aspect for the future.